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AKC Champions

240 AKC Champions
74 Powderpuffs & 166 Hairless

On April 1, 1991, the first Chinese Cresteds were officially allowed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to compete for an AKC championship.  Prior to that date, Chinese Cresteds were only able to compete for an American Chinese Cresteds Club (ACCC) championship.  Although the criteria for earning a championship were similar, the ACCC (until 1987) recognized each and every match as a point show.  Effective 1987, the ACCC awarded points only to dogs winning in Specialty shows or in the AKC "Miscellaneous" classes. 

Although many of our earlier dogs achieved their ACCC championship, this list is devoted to our Chinese Cresteds that completed their AKC championship.

In order to achieve the award of "Champion" (Ch) in the AKC, each dog must have:

    1)  earned a minimum of 15 points,
    2)  twice earned three or more points (a "major") in a show (each under different judges), and
    3) earn at least one point under a third judge.

Earning a championship is not easy task.  Many dogs shown in AKC competition never achieve this honor. 

The dogs listed in the Champion links by year were either bred by us and/or owned by us at the time the championship was completed.  This is not to say the credit should be excusively ours.  Some of the dogs were purchased from other breeders, some were co-bred with other breeders, and some were co-owned with other people.  We are proud and thankful to these people.  Unfortunately, there are too many other people to list them on this page, but many will appear elsewhere as we improve this site. 

Watch for them.

1991 - 1994 Champions (#1 - 49)
1995 - 1999 Champions (#50 - 108)
2000 - 2004 Champions (#109 - 150)
2005 - 2009 Champions (#151 - 198)
2010 - 2014 Champions (#199 - ???)

Alphabetical Listing of Champions
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