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Accomplishments 2010

I am please to announce two important items:

1)  We have our third Grand Champion: Ch Tacori’s Illusions in Ink (Elli) completed her Grandchampionship at the Delaware Water Gap KC show with a BOB for a 5 pt Major.  Thank you, Gina, for handling her for me.  The two of you looked GREAT!  (So much for my point calculations.)

2)  GCh Gingery’s Sweet Tea (Sugar) continues her climb to the top.  With the November statistics, Bess has ranked Sugar #11 All-Breed and #15 Breed.  Considering that she only completed her championship on July 2, 2010, she has proven to be one of the stronger Chinese Crested competitors. 






It’s been another month since the last update, but we have not attended many shows in the past four weeks.  Despite that, much has happened…

First, congratulations to Ch Gingery’s Flytrap (Venus) on becoming our 208th Chinese Crested AKC Champion.  Majors have been scarce this past year, and she was often awarded Reserve when there was one.  She will soon be enjoying retirement with Mindy. 


Gingery’s Mark of Zorro (Dude) was entered with Donnah in two more shows, and gaited off with two more majors!  These two are really looking good in the ring, and I look forward to watching them compete in 2011!


Based on my calculations, Gingery 7-year old veteran 
Ch Curios Hit the Road Gingery (Jack) and the elegant Ch Tacori’s Illusions in Ink (Elli) are within 1 or 2 points of completing their Grand Championship!


Ch Tacori's Lyin is a Sin (Sinner) has returned to the USA after a very successful trip abroad to compete for his Grand Championship.  I am pleased that Sinner is off to a running start after being awarded two majors and two wins over champions in his first two shows.


In the South, Ch Gingery’s Parfait (Parfait) and Ginger are doing well, too.  With her recent wins, she is now about 2/3 finished with her Grand Championship.



So much time has passed and so much has happened, I will touch only some highlights:
Congratulations to Bess and Sugar (GCh Gingery’s Sweet Tea). In Alabama, they placed twice during the same weekend in competitive groups. She really looks good in the ring… and so does Sugar!

Earning their first AKC points were Gingery’s Mark of Zorro with Donnah, Gingery’s Begonia with Jodi, and Gingery’s Gadget (a handsome Hairless).

Gingery’s Mark of Zorro (Dude) entered the show ring for the first time at the two KC of Philadelphia shows and walked away with a Reserve and a BOB over several nice specials for his first major win. This handsome cream Powderpuff has all the attitude and type of his father Ch Gingery’s Masked Avenger (Zorro). We are looking forward to pictures.

Gingery’s Begonia (Begonia) is still a puppy with wonderful promise. She is structurally sound with beautiful blond coat, breathtaking movement, and the sister to “Dude”. We again look forward to pictures.

Gingery’s Gadget (Gadget) is a young man who is already quite accomplished. In Conformation, this true hairless is has earned a UKC Grand Championship and is a UKC BIS winner with his owner Donna in Minnesota. He is also a UKC weight-pull champion and a UKC Total Dog Champion. As you can see in his picture, his pulling style is rather unique. Pulling on only two legs, this boy can pull on wheels over 40 times his weight!

In the Performance arena, several accomplishments demonstrate the “Brains” of Gingery Chinese Cresteds. 

Gingery's Chrysanthemum CD RA OA OAJ (Chrys), and I am sure owner Cindy will advise any title corrections, completed her Open Jumpers and Open Standard titles.

I know that there have been other performance titles earned, but they have escaped my memory.

Gingery Dogs receive a dozen invitations to the 2010 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show in Long Beach, CA.  Among the invitees are:
    CH Gingery's Apple Cider            CH Aloha's Nothing Like A Dame
    CH Gingery's Black Pearl             CH Gingery's Thylacine 
    CH Gingery's Clove                      CH Gingery's Masked Avenger 
    CH Gingery's Tristan                   CH Gingery's Wintergreen 
    CH Aloha's Juliet                         CH Gingery's Cricket 
  and, of course
    GCH Tacori's Mr. Inkaholic          GCH Gingery's Sweet Tea     

The last two weekends bring continued success to the Gingery pack as we finished our 207th Champion: Ch Gingery Sasquehanna Goblin (Goblin).  

Last week, we saw the successful return of Ch Tacori’s Illusions in Ink (Elli) to the Specials ring as she wins BOB over some lovely competition. 
  "Elli" at Valley Forge


Also noteworthy was the back-to-back majors awarded Aloha's Cinnamon Bear (Cinnamon) and Betty Lou.  Cinnamon now needs only a single to become a champion. 


Gingery Dogs Win Top Honors at the Cowtown Chinese Crested Club Specialty held in Dallas, TX!

Our beautiful Gingery’s Okapi (Okapi) was awarded Best in Sweepstakes on Friday morning under the sweeps judge Ted Eubanks.  
She was just exquisite, and the judge could not take his eyes off her.

In the afternoon under Judge Leyda Perez of Columbia, South America, the Gingery Dogs continued to shine.  Our rising star, GCh Gingery’s Sweet Tea (Sugar), was awarded her Second Best in Specialty Show and now is ranked in the Top-Twenty All-Systems (Top-Ten All-Breed).  

Leyda then awarded Ch Solaris Tickle My Fancy Gingery (Elmo) Best of Opposite Sex at the same specialty with all the breeders and owners there to watch.  

Ch Tacori’s Illusions in Ink (Elli) was awarded Select Bitch and a 5 point major toward her Grand Championship.  Finally, Gingery’s Okapi was also awarded Best Puppy.  WHAT A DAY FOR THE GINGERY GROUP!

Other winners for the weekend included Ch Gingery's Parfait (Parfait), who was awarded a GrandChampion major Select and Ch Solaris Tickle My Fancy Gingery (Elmo), who was awarded a second BOS and second 5 point GrandChampion major at the Dallas Fort Worth Toy Dog shows.

Gingery 7-year old veteran Ch Curios Hit the Road Gingery (Jack) was out this weekend for his second and third shows since his retirement over four years ago.  Although these shows (Somerset Hills and Westchester) were not specialties, they are considered two of the more prestigious shows in the USA.  Jack was awarded BOB at both.  Judges are amazed to learn after judging that Jack is a veteran and complement his condition.  With the wins at the three shows, Jack has over half the points needed for his Grand Championship and also completed all of the more difficult requirements.   

Gingery competitors continue their winning streak with some impressive accomplishments. 

With the unofficial end of the summer, we are please to announce our 205th (63rd Powderpuff) champion.  Congratulations to Ch Gingery’s Uptown Girl (Brinkley) and owner Jacqui, who completed her championship with a BOB at the Friday Newton KC show.  

Then at the Saturday Newton KC show, Gingery’s Flytrap (Venus), who was shown out of the BBE class, was awarded BOB over Specials. 


And rounding out the weekend, Champion #206,
Ch Aloha’s Nothing Like a Dame (Dame), was finished by Co-Breeder/Co-Owner Betty Lou with back-to-back four-point majors.  "Dame" is our 143rd Hairless Champion.

The last two weekends bring continued success to the Gingery pack.  We are pleased that GCh Tacori's Mr. Inkoholic (Notch) has returned to the show ring after a long sabatical.  In his first shows back, Notch was awarded BOB at both shows. 

Class point winners for the two weeks included Gingery's Flytrap (Venus), Gingery's Uptown Girl (Brinkley), Gingery Sasquehanna Goblin (Goblin), and Gingery's Okapi (Okapi), who was handled by owner Yanina and awarded BOB out of the classes. 


Gingery Dogs Win Both Top Honors at the Chinese Crested Club of the Potomac Specialty held in Harrisburg, PA!

Congratulations to Bess Cleveland and GCh Gingery's Sweet Tea (Sugar) on several Accomplishments: First for ranking Sugar as a Top-Ten Chinese Crested effective with the July stats; Second for completing the Grand Championship for Sugar; and Third for doing it is the best way: Winning their first BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW!  What a thrill for Bess, Victor Helu, and Arlene Butterklee (Co-Owners and Co-Breeders), all who were there at the Chinese Crested Club of Potomac Specialty (held in conjunction with the Penn Ridge KC show) for the win.  Bess showed Sugar to perfection...  OK, Sugar occationally was having a little too much fun, but Judge Frank Sabella just loved Sugar.  So much so that Sugar was even pulled in a very strong Toy group.  Way to go, girls!!

Also making his debut as a veteran was Ch Curios Hit the Road Gingery (Jack).  Handled by Victor Helu for this show, Jack was awarded BOS from the BOB class (Veteran classes were not offered).  Judge Sabella was surprised to learn after judging that his BOS selection was 7 years old and that this was his first show since he retired in 2006 after winning an Award of Merit at Westminster.  Our thanks to owner Mark Field, who agreed to have him entered at the specialty. 

  "Jack" in 2005
Jack was made famous by Jesse Sutton and Michelle Starry, who handled Jack for his campaign, earned all his Group placements and Specialty awards as a Champion, and ranked him #3 Chinese Crested (All Systems) in 2005. 

After taking a weekend off to celebrate the College Graduation of our former Junior Handler, Dennis, the dogs were showing again. 

Congratulations to Ch Gingery's Black Pearl (Pearl) finishing her championship.  
This beautiful girl is our 62nd Powderpuff and 204th AKC Crested Champion. 

Also, congratulations to Gingery Sasquehanna Goblin (Goblin) on earning his 2nd and 3rd AKC majors.  Cindy handled Goblin to his Sunday Major. 

Congratulations to Bess Cleveland and Ch Gingery's Sweet Tea (Sugar) on their first two group placements.  This beautiful girl is our 203rd AKC Crested Champion.

First was a Group 2 in Bainbridge, NY under Judge Marcie Dobkins.
Second was a Group 4 in W Springfield, MA under Judge June Penta.
Way to go!  We can't wait for some pictures and to see the July stats.

Also, the finishing picture for Ch Gingery's Cricket (Cricket) came.  Pictured with AKC Gold BBX breeder Arlene Butterklee herself, Cricket is our 202nd AKC Crested Champion.  (OK, so I cropped Arlene out, but the girl is beautiful.)

Congratulations, GCh Tacori's Mr. Inkoholic (Notch), on being listed as the #7 Chinese Crested (Breed) and the #10 Chinese Crested (All-Breed) Based on the Statistics through June 30, 10.  Notch was also Top-10 All-Systems in 2009, despite officially starting his Specials career in June.  Puppies out of this handsome male should be coming to a show ring soon...  And they are nice!













































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