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   Gingery Dogs Take Top Honors in Obedience   and the
Cowtown Chinese Crested Club Specialty

While I usually start with Conformation, there have been Major developments in the performance sports.  This shouldn't surprise anyone; after all, Gingery dogs are Accomplished and Exquisite!  <<Sorry that my updates are coming so slow.  It is not a lack of things to say, just a lack of time to say them.>>

First, Gingery has the honor of producing the FIRST Canadian OTCH!!!!  Congratulations to Gingery's Scarlet the Harlot, UD and owner/trainer Jean.  No only did Scarlet earn her OTCH, she also earned her Utility title.  We are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to hearing more good news from north of the border!

In local news, Ch Gingery's Simply Saffron, CD, RE, MXP, MJP earned her C-ATCH 4 title in CPE Agility with owner/trainer Cindy.  This is no small feat as she nears 14 years of age (That's Saffron, not Cindy).  Cindy and Arlene are also the proud parents of a new litter out on GrCh Gingery's Twilight, CD, RE, NAJ.  The pups are young and destined to be famous!

A little to the west, we have Marsha and Gingery's Dynamic Mojo, CDX (Lars), who may be the first Chinese Crested to pull off Back-to-Back All-Breed High in Trials in the US!  This was such a great moment for Marsha and Lars that their trainer sent Gingery a beautiful letter expressing her gratitude for allowing Marsha to have such a wonderful Obedience Crested.  We may have given you a dog that could accomplish this feat, but YOU were the one who put in the effort!

In the world of Weight-Pull, Gingery continues to shine as Ch Gingery's Terrapin (Toby the Strong) and Ch Gingery's Gadget continue to pull the maximum allowed for their weight (over 450 pounds).  New to the scene is GrCh Gingery's Sweet Potato (Yam) how pulled 310 pounds. 

I am sure there is much more for me to report; but, alas, my memory is like a steel-trap sieve.

In conformation the newest Gingery Special, GrCh Gingery's Rhubarb, won a Best in Specialty Show at the Cowtown Chinese Crested Club show in only the second specialty he attended!  Arlene showed Gingery's Nectarine to a Reserve and a Best Puppy.  Gingery's Which Hunter (Salem) went Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes and Gingery's My Knight in Shining Armour (Tucker) won his second major at the Toy Dog Show that followed.

Congratulations and thank you to Judy, who recently completed the championship on Storytime's Road Trippin for Gingery and was able to earn the second major of a new aquisition, Nina's K Baywatch Babe 4 Bimini (babe). 

We are proud of all these dogs and look forward to adding some pictures soon... as time allows.


The last two weeks have been wonderful for Rocky.  Rocky (Bz Gr Ch Storytime’s Rocky Road for Gingery) won 5 more BOBs, a group pull, and three more Group Placements!!  Congratulations to owner Mark and breeder/owners Judy and Arlene!!

Congratulations to Owen and Wolfie (Gingery’s Wolverine), Donnah and Kaos (Gingery’s Kaos), and Gingery’s Rosita.  All were winners at the New Jersey shows.  JoEllen was thrilled to hear that her breeding, Ruby (Punjin Citrus D'Lite v Gingery), was twice Reserve to a major in Syracuse.  Ruby was one of the cutest, happiest dogs in the Crested ring!!  If she keeps this up, I expect that she will be a champion in a very short time.  

Although she is not a Chinese Crested, our Lowchen “Ashley” (Gingery Madriglace Volcanic Eruption), who was shown only three times in the last year, returned to the show ring last weekend and won a 5 point Major!!  She is now one point shy of her championship!


Gingery Dogs Take Top Honors in the
Delaware Valley Chinese Crested Specialty

There is little I can say except WOW, we did it again!  (I can't believe this was not updated in over a year!  A lot has happened, but it would take too much time.)

In Obedience, Top Honors go to Gingery's Dramatic Mojo CDX(Lars) with Marsha, who not only recently earned his agility Masters title, but also was Combined High in Trial Both Days!

Gingery’s Funnybone CD RE with Gretchen Qualified in Excellent B Rally on Saturday and earned his Rally Excellent title!

In Junior Showmanship, Jolie with Ch Gingery’s Wintergreen (Pippi) won Open Junior Class Both Days!  As a reward, she was then asked to show a hairless puppy, Ruby (Punjin Citrus D'Lite v Gingery).  Nice Job!!   

In Conformation, Multi BISS and Group winning Bronze GCh Storytime’s Rocky Road for Gingery (Rocky) won Back-to-Back Best In Specialty Show!  Rocky finished his Championship in May and was ranked #17 in 2012.  He is ranked #2 as of the end of January 2013.

Gingery’s Kaos (Kaos) with Donnah won Best in Sweepstakes on Sunday!  This magificent puff only needs a few more singles to finish his championship.

Ch Gingery’s Ace of Cakes
(Ace) with Mary (only her 6th time
in the ring) won Select Dog on Saturday!  Mary was in shock with the win.  She usually goes only to support her daughter, Jolie.

h Gingery’s Wintergreen (Pippi) with Jolie won an Award of Merit Dog on Saturday!  This was Jolie's first win at a Specialty.  Congratulations!!

Ch Sasquehanna Dobranocek (Dobby) had been entered in the Open class, but was moved up to BOB competition when he earned his 2nd Major to complete his championship (our 235th).  This Polish import won an Award of Merit Dog on Saturday!

Ch Gingery’s The Mark of Zorro (Dude) with Donnah wins Award of Merit Dog on Sunday!  This very competitive puff floats as he gaits.  Donnah presents him marvelously.

Gingery’s Woo is Me (Woo) wins Reserve Bitch and Best Bred-By on Sunday!  This spotted gal is so attractive that everyone gravitates to her!  This is Woo-Woo being shown by Karen, spur of the moment.  Arlene thought it would be fun to see one of her favorite Cresteds being shown by someone else.

More important than the wins, however, was the opportunity to see everyone and socialize.  There is never enough time.  DVCCC has always put on a
friendly and well-run show.   In fact, the show can boast that it attracts people internationally and from as far as Florida. 

Each day, there was a cake for those who bought lunch tickets.  They were works of art!  I have included these pictures so that we can enjoy them long after they were eaten. (What a shame!)  The club really does an excellent job!! 

A marked catalog can be found on Facebook under Delaware Valley Chinese Crested Club, Inc.

Miss Piggy

On another note, earlier in the year,
Gingery’s Destined for Stardom  (Miss Piggy) earned some points toward her championship, as did Storytime’s Road Trippin for Gingery (Trippin) and Gingery’s Fuschia (Fuschia) who were shown by Judy.

(Thank you Michael Parker for the four "in-ring" DVCCC action photos) 


Gingery Dogs Take Top Honors in the
Delaware Valley Chinese Crested Specialty

There is little I can say except WOW



Congratulations new Champion Gingery’s Fine Wine (Sake)
 and owner Jacqui!

Ch Gingery's Fine Wine
(Sake) earned her last points with wins at the Progressive Dog Club show in New York during Westminster weekend and with back-to-back wins this weekend. She is our 220th AKC Chinese Crested champion.

Congratulation new Silver Grand Champion GrCh Tacori's Lyin is a Sin (Sinner). Sinner is the breed’s 8th Silver Level Grand Champion.   Sinner is now ranked #8 for the breed based on Grand Championship points and Silver GrCh Gingery's Sweet Tea (Sugar) is ranked #6.

Other wins in conformation these past days include a fabulous BOB win for Tacori's Play with Me Gingery (Ernie). After winning Winners and 1 point, Ernie was handed off to someone unknown to him and walked off with a magnificent BOB over four Specials and 4 point major.

Another BOB winner from the classes was Gingery's Foxy Trotter Storytime (Foxy), who won the breed over some very nice Cresteds last weekend with Kathleen.   Foxy is Kathleen's first venture into the Toy ring.   We are excited for her.

Gingery's Koala Bear (Koala) was awarded another BOW for Terri.  Koala and Terri are turning out to be quite a team.

In the performance ring, we are extremely proud of Ch Gingery's Nantucket Nectar CD RE (Fancy).   Proving that a beauty can have a brain, not only did she earn her 2nd “Open” leg towards her CDX obedience title, but she scored a 194 of 200 points to earn a 1st place in the Open A class. Congratulations to proud owner Gretchen.


Gingery Dogs Take All Top Honors in the 2012 Winter National Specialty

There is little I can say except WOW!

GrCh Gingery's Sweet Tea (Sugar, on left) was awarded a Best In Specialty Show at the 2012 Winter National held in New York City.  Congratulations to Bess!

GrCh Tacori's Lyin is a Sin (Sinner,  below) was awarded Best of Opposite Sex at the 2012 Winter National held in New York City.


Gingery's Flashy Dancer Storytime (Flashy) was handled by new owner Kristen and earned her 2nd Major taking a 5 point Best of Winners and Best Puppy wins at the 2012 Winter National held in New York City. 

Tacori's Play with me Gingery (Ernie, on right) was enjoying every minute in the ring as he trotted around the ring to earn Winners Dog at the 2012 Winter National and his second Major with Victor.  In four shows, he earned 9 points and two reserves.  Congratulations, new co-owner Betty Lou!

New to the ring was Tacori's Said in Spun Silver (Lady G), who was awarded Reserve Winners Bitch with Angela at the 2012 Winter National in New York City. 

We are proud of all our dogs and handlers for their performances at the National.  Other honorable mentions go to Ch Aloha's Bare Bones (Bones) who flew in from Hawaii and was considered for Best of Breed.  Bones is a lovely dog, and we are proud of all his accomplishments.


As January comes to a close, congratulations go to our two newest champions, who were finished this month by Betty Lou: Ch Aloha's Cinnamon Bear & Ch Aloha's Give 'em Razzle Dazzle.



Ch Aloha's Bare Bones (Bones) walk off with a couple of Best of Breed wins and a group pull.  (Maybe Bones will place next time.)


Tacori's Play with Me Gingery (Ernie) made his debut two weeks ago week winning a 4 point BOW major and a major reserve in Massachusetts.  This beautiful boy was loved by everyone who watched him show his heart out.  What a performance!  Also at the show was GrCh Tacori's Lyin is a Sin (Sinner) who also won a couple of Best of Breed wins. 


We are also proud of two new owners: Kathleen & Terri.  In the mid-Atlantic, Gingery's Foxy Trotter Storytime (Foxy, on left) went BOW with Kathleen while Gingery’s Koala Bear (Koala) was awarded BOW and a Puppy Group 3 in Texas with Terri.


Also noteworthy are a couple of Match wins:

Our newest import from Poland, Sasquehanna DobraNocek was adult Toy Group 1 and Storytime's Rocky Road for Gingery (Rocky) was puppy Toy Group 1 at a match on Long Island.  They are showing promise, and we look forward to entering them in future shows.



Today's news is sweet, Sweet indeed!

GrCh Gingery's Sweet Tea (Sugar) not only makes it into the February 2012 issue of National Geographic, but she is given  a WHOLE page!  (see photo)

Just as in the picture, things are looking up for this beauty.  "Sugar" competed last year as a top-ten Chinese Crested, won Best of Opposite Sex at the AKC Invitational in Florida, and now represents the Chinese Crested breed (if not the hairless variety) in National Geographic.  We all look forward to seeing more of Sugar throughout the coming year.


Rounding out the 2011 champions, we have Ch Gingery's Ocelot (Oscar), Ch Gingery's Begonia (Begonia) with Jodi, and Ch Gingery's Okapi (Okapi) with Yanina.  We are still hoping to get pictures of Oscar and Begonia, but we are please to have a couple of Okapi pictures. 
          Okapi as a puppy                                     Okapi as an adult


Happy New Year!  I realize I have been late getting started, but I hope that I will be able to keep this up on a more regular basis.


Congratulations to
GCh Gingery’s Sweet Tea and to Bess 


Bess and “Sugar” competed is the AKC Invitational show sponsored by Eukanuba last month in Florida and were awarded Best of Opposite Sex and Best Bred-by Exhibitor.

This show is open to dogs that have recently earned their Championship out of the Bred-by classes, earned a grand Championship, or were in the top-25 for the breed. Gingery are proud of their dozen Chinese Cresteds that earned an invite, although Sugar was the only one to compete. Arlene and Victor were there to support Bess and Sugar in their competition due to Arlene’s presenting the Breed Seminar for Judges’ Education. Sinner, who was also entered, did not compete that weekend to allow Arlene to travel with more Chinese Cresteds for the presentation (actively campaigned dogs were not used in the seminar/hands-on).

Shortly, I plan to recap last year’s new champions, with pictures, and provide the January accomplishments for 2012.


I continue the accomplishments with

 Congratulations to New Champions: 

 Since March 2011, we are proud to ad the following dogs to our list of AKC champions:

Ch Gingery's The Mask of Zorro
(Dude) was shown by Donnah and earned his championship.  In this picture, Dude was BOW at the February National show.  Donnah and Dude do not get out often, but always put on a fabulous show.

 Ch Gingery's Twilight
(Bella) also earned her championship after winning a 5 pt major with Bess at the same February National show as did Dude.  Bella currently competes in performance with owner Cindy.

Also completing their championships were Ch Gingery's Sweet Potato (Yam), who won a 5 Point Major during the weekend of the Oklahoma City National in  May  Bones' at the Oklahoma National

and Ch Aloha's Goldilocks (Goldilocks) & Ch Aloha's Bare Bones (Bones), who both completed their championships with Betty Lou on labor Day weekend.

Ch Gingery's Silkworm (Silka), who earned a 5 pt Major and Award of Merit with Arlene at the Delaware Valley local specialty, and Ch Gingery's Ocelot (Oscar), who came out of retirement at 6 years old to earn his last seven points and major, completed their championship at the same show on Long Island.  

And most recently finished on the same day and just in time to enter the 2012 Westminster KC show were Ch Gingery's Begonia (Begonia) with Jodi in Syracuse and Ch Gingery's Okapi (Okapi) with Yanina in Philadelphia. 

We are thrilled for all of you and thank you for showing these beautiful dogs.


It has been a long time since this has been updated.  Sorry.  Much has happen, but I will touch on some of the accomplishments on another day.

Congratulations to New Grand Champions:

Brinkley in 2010
GrCh Gingery's Uptown Girl (Brinkley) was shown by owner Jacqui and completed her to her Grand Championship in time to be entered in Westminster KC with her new title. 

GrCh Solaris Tickle My Fancy Gingery
(Elmo) also completed his Grand Championship, his all of his wins were during Specialty Weekends!

Also, two of our Grand Champions earn higher levels:

          Silver Grand Champion                     Bronze Grand Champion
       GrCh Gingery's Sweet Tea                GrCh Tacori's Lyin is a Sin

Congratulations to all!  Next time, We will look at our new Champions.


Another good weekend for the Gingery dogs.



  Gadget showing off his pulling style


We will start with performance and UKC Weight pull where our Iron men continue to out muscle the competition.  (OK, OK, that was not very punny).  Gingery's Gadget (Gadget) put on a very impressive show pulling 300# on Saturday and 452# on Sunday (over 34 times body weight!).  If you are not impressed, imaging pulling over 1 1/2 tons.  That is what a 100 pound person would have to pull for the equivalent ratio.

    "Toby the Strong"


Ch Gingery's Terrapin (Toby) remained unimpressed as pulled 452# on Saturday, then out did that on Sunday with a pull of 528# (over 40 times body weight!).  The rivalry should continue as it is reported that Gadget was heard to have said to Toby, "Well, let's see if you can pull that much using only two legs!"


Congratulations to owners Donna and Dana for a wonderful outing.



Back in conformation, Ch Tacori's Lyin is a Sin (Sinner) followed-up his Specialty win with back-to-back BOBs in York, PA with Victor.  Moreover, at the Sunday show, which was supported by the Chinese Crested Club of Potomac, Sinner earned his Grand Championship. 


Making his debut in York PA was Gingery's Ace of Cakes (Ace), a cute white Puff puppy male.  This was Ace's first time away from owners Mary and Jolie.  Ace had the first-time jitters when he entered the ring, but performed admirable after he relaxed.  Shown in a large class of puppies, Ace received a second of six on Saturday and a first of eight on Sunday.  Thank you, Jolie (10), for training Ace and for keeping Ace's coat in such good shape.





We also are proud of our other Specialty winners from the DVCCC Specialty.  Gingery's Chrysanthemum CD,RE,OA,OAJ (Chrys) won the Brood Bitch class using her two specialty class-winning powderpuff children Begonia & Dude.

In addition to this and the other wonderful wins in Conformation, Gingery dogs also showed off their brains at the Specialty last weekend.  Congratulations to their owners: 


Each earning a new title, we are proud to congratulate owner Gretchen; Gingery's Funnybone CD,RN (Bones), who completed his Rally Novice title; and Ch Gingery's Nantucket Nectar CD,RE (Fancy), who completed her Rally Excellent title.

Marsha's newest obedience dog, Gingery's Dramatic Mojo CD (Lars) continues to the Gingery versatility by going High in Trial on Sunday!  Lars also earned his second leg in Open obedience.




Gingery Dogs Win Top Honors at the Delaware Valley Chinese Crested Club Specialty held near Philadelphia! 



In the latest Specialty weekend, Gingery Dogs continue to shine with several taking the top honors for the breed!  

Saturday DVCCC Specialty:
BOB - 
Ch Tacori's Lyin is a Sin (Sinner) with Arlene
BOS -  GrCh Gingery’s Sweet Tea (Sugar) with Bess
Select Dog -  Ch Solaris Tickle My Fancy Gingery (Elmo) with Angela
Reserve Bitch - Gingery's Twilight (Bella) with Victor

Sunday DVCCC Specialty:
Select Dog & AOM - GrCh Curios Hit the Road Gingery (Jack) with Victor
Select Bitch & AOM  -  GrCh Gingery’s Sweet Tea (Sugar) with Bess
Winners Bitch & AOM - Gingery's Silkworm (Silka) with Arlene
Best Adult in Sweeps - Gingery's The Mask of Zorro (Dude) with Donnah










I have added pictures from Westminster weekend.  Look for them below!


Much has happened, but Website issues has delayed my reporting until now.

On the last weekend of February, we attended the Rockland Co shows.  On the Saturday show, Ch Curios Hit the Road Gingery (“Jack”) was awarded BOB and completed his Grand Championship (our 4th GrCh).

On Saturday, Gingery's Twilight ("Bella") was awarded her 2nd Major and BOW, Ch Gingery Uptown Girl (“Brinkley”) was awarded BOS, and GrCh Curios Hit the Road Gingery (“Jack”) not only was awarded BOB, but went on to go Group 2!  The judge said that this show had some of the nicest Cresteds she had ever seen!

Betty Lou this past weekend is proud to announce Aloha's Give 'em Razzle Dazzle ("Razz") won back-to-back majors over specials and a Bred By Exhibitor Group 4!  Razz is a Romeo X Carrot son co-bred/co-owned by Betty Lou, Victor and Arlene.

Also, Bess won BOB with GrCh Gingery’s Sweet Tea (“Sugar”) this past weekend.  Additionally, Bess showed Gingery’s Cookin with Jazz (“Caper”) for the first time.  Caper was not bothered by the weather as she was awarded Back-to-Back Winners for her first points!

Westminster photos arrived, so they will be posted soon.


Arlene is to appear on the Rachael Ray Show on Monday, 2/21/11!! 
  Arlene, after the makeover
Chris nominated Arlene for a Westminster Makeover.  It was great fun.  Try to watch it, if you can.  Here is the link:


The Gingery victories continue at the 2011 Westminster KC show with GrCh Gingery’s Sweet Tea (“Sugar”) winning Best of Opposite Sex and Ch Curios Hit the Road Gingery (“Jack”) taking the first Award of Merit!  GrCh Tacori's Illusions in Ink (“Elli”) was selected for a fifth Award of Merit; but, alas, the judge learned that there were only four when she was handing them out. 

The Westminster Video for the Chinese Crested breed can be found at the following link:

Sugar was handled by Breeder/Owner Bess, who until she turned 18 had also used Sugar for Junior Handling.  Sugar was born in the first litter that Bess bred. Bess completed the championship of Sugar entirely out of the Bred-by class, which earned Bess her first Bred-by Medallion.  On her own, Bess trained and showed Sugar winning multiple BISS, multiple Group placements, and Junior handling wins.  At the end of 2010, Sugar was ranked top-twenty all-systems for Chinese Cresteds and Bess was the top Chinese Crested Junior handler.  Needless to say, we are proud of both Sugar and Bess.

    "Jack" in Westminster 2011

Jack was the “old man” in the ring, but he looked anything but old!  Jack was campaigned with Jessy in 2005 and was the #3 Chinese Crested dog that year.  At the 2006 Westminster show, Jack and Jessy were awarded 1st Award of Merit, after which Jack was retired.  With the start of the Grand Championship title, Jack’s owners ask Victor in August to help Jack earn the newest AKC title.  Since then, Jack has continued his winning ways whenever he was shown.  Shown sparingly and in rotation with other champions, Jack is 1 point shy of the GrCh title.  

With these two wins, a total of 23 Gingery Chinese Cresteds have earned 31 awards at Westminster KC including 6 BOB, 6 BOS, and 19 AOM. A list of the Gingery Westminster Winners can be found at: 



Gingery Dogs Win Top Honors at the American Chinese Crested Club National Specialty held in New York City! 



WHAT A WEEKEND!   Competitors, judges, and dogs from all over the world converged on NYC for the Westminster KC and the Progressive KC and specialty shows that were this past weekend.  Traveling in from as far as Hawaii, Gingery dogs were there, of course.

The weekend shows started with the Progressive Dog Club on Friday.  We did not have any males entered, but we are proud of Gingery’s Okapi and owner Yanina.  Okapi was awarded Reserve Winners to a 4-point major.  These two are looking better each time out.  In the Best of Breed competition, our GrCh Tacori's Illusions in Ink (Elli) was awarded Grand Champion Select.

The winter American Chinese Crested Club National specialty was Sunday.  Congratulations to the Gingery dogs for winning Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite, Best Puppy and Reserve Winners Bitch.  
  "Dude" Winning BOW at ACCC

In the male competition, Gingery's The Mask of Zorro (Dude) was shown by Donnah to perfection and was awarded Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 5-point major.  Dude is now 1 point shy of his championship.   

    "Bella" winning 5 pts at ACCC

It was decided that morning that our former junior from North Carolina, Bess, would show Gingery's Twilight
(Bella) in the open Powderpuff bitch class.  Bella responded positively to Bess and was awarded a 5-point Major! 

  "Silka" Winning Best Pup at ACCC
Arlene competed in the puppy class with
Gingery's Silkworm (Silka), who was awarded Reserve Winners (taking second to Bella) and Best Puppy. 
  "Elli" Winning BOS at ACCC








In the Best of Breed Competition, the judge selected several champions for additional consideration, including Ch Solaris Tickle My Fancy Gingery (Elmo) shown by Angela, Ch Tacori's Lyin is a Sin (Sinner) shown by Jacqui (who had only that afternoon to work with him), and Ch Gingery's Parfait (Parfait) shown by owner Ginger.  In the end, GrCh Tacori's Illusions in Ink (Elli) with Arlene was awarded Best of Opposite Sex.


 We were thrilled to have so many of our dogs do so well!  (Pictures coming soon) 



 In January 2011, New York was “Blessed” with an abundance of snow and the lack of local shows for conformation, but that did not deter the Gingery Dogs.  If you can’t show off your beauty, show off your athletic abilities. 

   "Chrys" doing Agility

Cindy entered Ch Gingery’s Simply Saffron CD RE AXP MJP (Saffie) and Gingery’s Chrysanthemum CD RE OA OAJ
(Chrys) in a local CPE (Canine Performance Events) agility trail.  Both girls did very well.  Saffie qualified 7 of 8 classes and Chrys qualified in all eight classes!  With these wins, Saffie completed her Level 3 Standard, Fun, and Strategy CPE titles and is almost done with her Handler title.  Despite all her wins, Chrys completed only one title: Level 3 Jumpers.  It was a good weekend. 

It was February before Gingery dogs were able to show in conformation.  However, we started the year with a BANG!! 

Our first shows this year were in New Jersey and were entered for practice before the National Specialty and Westminster shows the following week.  Ch Tacori's Lyin is a Sin (Sinner) earned BOB and 7 more Grand Championship points.  Gingery's Twilight (Bella) was awarded two Reserve Winners but looked and showed fabulously.  

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