Chinese Cresteds
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  When Jolie wanted to start competing in Junior Showmanship, she was extremely shy. In my first encounters with her, I would be surprised if she spoke more than three words to me at any of our meetings. Who would have thought she would become the outgoing young lady she is now.

Jolie’s family acquired a beautiful white Chinese Crested powderpuff puppy named “Ace” (Ch Gingery’s Ace of Cakes), which would become their first champion. Jolie worked with Ace every day, following the instructions and advise we provided her. Not only did she show Ace in Junior Showmanship, but she was also instrumental to helping Ace earn his AKC championship.

Because Jolie lives over 1,000 miles away, providing Jolie with proper training was difficult; however, Jolie’s interest and her parent’s willingness to overcome these obstacles provided a way to deal with the challenges. Training arrangements were made whenever we were near each other, and Jolie improved with time. As she worked to improve and as she competed in the ring, she gained the confidence to interact with her competition, the judges, and us.

Junior Showmanship is not just about competing with the dogs, but it can be a mechanism by which children can learn all sorts of social and professional skills that can be applied to the real world. Jolie was taught how to approach people of authority (Judges) and how to talk to them with the respect they deserve.
Now, Jolie is now a charming and talkative young lady who continues to excel in school with a straight “A” average and has expanded her interests to include performing Magic. In 2013, she and one of her Chinese Cresteds (either Ace of Pippi) will make their debut at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show in New York.

We are looking forward to continuing her training and to competing with her at the shows.

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