Chinese Cresteds
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Westminster Winners
(9 Powderpuffs & 14 Hairless)


Chinese Cresteds first competed in 1992.
(Our record includes 6 BOB, 6 BOS, 1 Select, & 20 AOM)

The Westminster Kennel Club Show is held at Madison Square Garden in New York City every February. It is considered the most prestigious dog show in the world.

In 1992, the Westminster Kennel Club changed the format of their show to restrict the dogs that may compete to only AKC champions. In this same year, the Chinese Cresteds, 32 of them, competed in Westminster for the first time as a Toy breed. Since that time, Gingery Chinese Cresteds have competed in this gala event almost every year.

Unfortunately, our entries were not accepted in 1997, having arrived just after the 2,500th dog (the show's limit) was reached.

Among our winners are:

Ch Gingery's Maple Syrup - BOB Winner 1992 & 1993 (1st Crested BOB)
Ch Gingery's Brandywine - BOB Winner 1994, 1995, & 1996 (1st Hairless BOB)
Ch Gingery's Krimson 'N' Clover - BOB Winner 1999 & AOM 1998
Ch Gingery’s Eclair - BOS Winner 2002 (1st Puff BOS)

Award of Merit and other Winners:

Ch Gingery's Cheesecake (AOM 1992 & 1993)
Ch Gingery's Thunder (AOM 1992 & 1993)
Ch Gingery's Hot Potato (AOM 1995)
Ch Woodlyn Reicrist Chemistree (AOM 1995)
Ch Wudnshu Firewalker (BOS 1996)
Ch Gingery's Rhythm of the Night (AOM 1996)
Ch Gingery's Kamikaze V. Janard (BOS 1998)
Ch Gingery's Goddess of Victory (AOM 1998 & BOS 2001)
Ch Gingery's Phantom (AOM 1999)
Ch Janard Jubilee at Ambron (AOM 2000)
Ch Gingery's Sugar Cain (AOM 2001)
Ch Curios Gingery Lifesaver (AOM 2002)
Ch Sasquehanna Dardir (AOM 2003 & 2004)
Ch Dynomite Peppermint Twist (BOS 2005)
Ch Gingery's Callisto Dynomite (AOM 2005)
GrCh Curios Hit the Road Gingery (AOM 2006 & 2011)
Ch Gingery's Midnight Madness CD RE (AOM 2006)
Ch Gingery's Dance Fever (AOM 2008)
GrCh Gingery's Sweet Tea (BOS 2011 & Select 2013)


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